Walking Correlation
Q: Kobelco SK200-8 is now 11360 hours in recent earth work, walking a little difficult to climb, the slope on the walk downhill quickly, like a rabbit stalls, left than the right, has affected the normal work. What's the reason, please?
A: (1) check excavator walking crawler excavator deviation tightness is consistent;(2) for detection of excavator walking pump hydraulic pump pressure is in the normal range, if the pressure value exceeds the standard value of digging machine will be generated within the leak, then there will be a part of the high pressure oil back to the oil return pipe, it will cause a unilateral weakness in walking machine;(3) on the excavator rotary joint seal, check the deviation change? If there is no change, the swivel joint is normal;(4) check excavator walking control valve spool whether the card (if the digging machine spool and valve hole gap too much will cause unilateral weakness walking excavator deviation);(5) check excavator walking control valve safety valve pressure;(6) check the running motor inlet pressure (if low pressure will cause the machine unilateral inability to walk deviation fault).
Q: Kobelco SK200-8 will hold off the car to walk.
A: (1) the hydraulic pump and its control system are out of order, test the P1 and P2 pump pressure, the normal value should be 32-34M.(2) test the pressure of the pilot circuit, the pressure is always around 3.0M.(3) check whether the valve and the valve seat of the walking system are worn or not.(4) check the pressure of the running motor.

Startup Correlation

Q:  Kobelco SK75 excavator car I is not good hot start, 5000 hours of work. Starting 5000 hours ago takes 1 to 2 seconds, and now it takes 5 seconds to start. What is the reason for asking?A: first check the oil filter has iron filings, if not, need to check the rotating motor. In accordance with the action difficult to test the pressure and flow rate setting and digging machine is consistent with the specified value.

Q:  my Kobelco SK250-8 not a good start, the hydraulic pump regulator plug off a car, then, said customer service with pressure regulator at the start of two, all with a pressure, a pressure is small, the pressure of the regulator with the plug, the car is very good after the fire, the name of the car, plug, normal work, normal pressure, the regulator can repair?A: regulators can repair, maintenance, regulators need professional service personnel to go through the examination and assembly. Hydraulic pump regulator plug off belongs to the emergency mode, it is recommended to remove P1, P2 pump regulator hand toggle plug regulator, to see whether the card issuers need to plug, service personnel, by the way can remove after cleaning pump proportional valve diesel engine.

 Q:  my Kobelco SK350LC-8 bad start, ignition from the display of a pump two pump 200-300 pounds pressure jump is not burning, is not a pressure car lead to start ah! Where is the problem, the display does not have any alarm?.
A:  (1) the main spool of the manifold valve is jammed;(2) the lagging valve is jammed or the pilot pressure is abnormal;(3) abnormal hydraulic pump regulator.(4) there may be abnormal low-voltage signal; may be caused by the above four aspects, it is recommended that please come to the service staff investigation.